Once upon a time, I was printing my first-ever letterpress small edition book. A friend & fellow printer happened through the shop late one night and saw that I was making ready the title page — almost the last run of the book. “You gotta have a press name,” he said. “What's a press name,” I said... and fifteen minutes later I was setting another line of type, adding “Blue Juniper Press” to the front matter. Little did I suspect that a choice made after midnight in fourteen-and-a-half minutes back then would have such repercussions. How could I have known that I'd still be printing more than 20 years later? Eventually, I chose a new press name which suited me better, having taken a bit more time to consider the options. But there are still a bunch of books out there — maybe four or five edition's worth — that will always nostalgically bear the nick-name my parents gave me when I was a toddler. (Nothing against juniper berries, incidentally, but they do not present much in the way of creative inspiration to the illustrator. Bugs, on the other hand, offer a world of character and possibility. Could a bug, if the spirit moved her, perhaps even elevate a few juniper berries into greatness by doing something silly with them? Click the bug at left to judge for yourself.) Anyway, that's the story. Glad I could clear up the question for the three people out there who were wondering.


juniper berry juggling